Behind the man!

I live in Nottinghamshire with my other half Sugar and my stepdaughter Wynter-Rose. They are great and when I am not working, we have a great time together. Me and Sugar are forever laughing at and with each other.

I do work a lot, but I have started to condense and separate the work from home life.

I love photography and travelling to practice. I own a reasonable amount of kit, but I am struggling to find my strong points. I’m only an amateur but I have done some paid work.

My other hobby would be 3D printing. I am a geek at heart, but I do love a nice bit of gadgetry. I mainly print toys that fire stuff at Sugar and weird ornaments like a sheep with a unicorn horn, in lime green, my favourite colour.

I really do enjoy helping people whether it is work related or not. I struggle to say no to friends, but I am starting to learn that I must at times.

I have a desire to try water colour painting. I keep meaning to buy the supplies but worry I’ll not have the time.

Some personal goals of mine would be to parachute, bungee jump and to stroke a lion.

I am really looking forward to driving some supercars later this year (what an ace Xmas present)

This is starting to sound like a dating ad so I’ll think I’ll end it there.

“I truly desire to help everyone achieve their furniture goals.

Maybe one day, when I have finished helping everyone else out, I can finally get Sugar off my back and enjoy kitting my own home out with the furniture I lovingly craft.”