How does the Corona Virus affect AJ’s and you?

The video explain’s my strategy and plans during this time of national crisis. 


Will AJ’s Remain open?

The short answer is yes, as long as government guidelines permit me too.

However, Schools are closed and with the recent passing of Simon, I have little staff. If either one of us contract the virus it will be just me on my own.

So things are slow and many other delays can easily be caused by 3rd party’s. Suppliers may shut or have few staff and although I have stock piled what materials I can, if I run out and can no longer obtain materials ill have no choice but to close temporally .

The whole point of schools closing is to minimise the risk to the elderly or them with underlining heath problems. I am one of them with a condition of the heart and Sugar has Asthma. Many parents relay on the child’s grandparents to help with child care and child minders are full and not taking on any more customers. As the furniture can’t be made at home, I have no way to facilitate my staff to work at home.

If we enter lock down, I can reach my workshop without contact with the public and will continue to work, alone unless it becomes law not to. After all the point of lock down is to protect not just you and I, but the others we may spread the virus too.


Will you still be making deliveries?

Due to the new stringent government guidelines I will no longer be allowed to make deliveries by order of the government.

All non essential travel is no longer permitted and unfortunately the delivery and installation of bespoke furniture isn’t essential.

More importantly this protects your family as well as mine and prevents further spread of the virus which we all have a responsibility to avoid.

I fully understand this isn’t convenient and means you might be sleeping on mattress or eating on your laps, unfortunately my hands are tied due this national “lockdown”.

It is better to be safe in these times and do our bit to ease the demand on our NHS.


Are you a small business and will you be closing?

As far as I am concerned ill remain open for trading.

It is a worrying time for all but the government are helping small businesses in many ways and if people continue to support small businesses, there shouldn’t be any issue with us coming out the other end even stronger.

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy in the UK and the government understand this. I have been established for many years and see no reason to close my doors other than for a period of mandatory lock down.


How about refunds?

We all need to come together in this time of need. I fully understand you would like your furniture and I understand you are stressed with emotions are running high. So am I.

We all need to protect our families in the time of crisis. Financial worries are both in the back your minds as well as mine. I protect and support my family using customers just like you. Making refunds might be difficult at this time so I would kindly ask please don’t take any stresses out on me or another small business, we are in the very same boat. Making refunds only increases the risk and worry for a small business in this state of play.

What I will say, I plan, as I am sure any other small business will be planing, is to complete orders and make there customers happy. 


My family and I wish you all good health, stay safe and look after each other!