You can still visit us at our old showroom

Before COVID we welcomed you all to our lovely workshop based showroom but sadly had to close this during the lockdown. It is great to be able to welcome you back, amid COVID restrictions.

Book in advanced as we are running an appointment only system for viewings.

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Latest news

Our showroom is changing!

We have started altering our showroom and it remains closed until 15th July 2021. This doesn’t mean we can’t welcome you in to the workshop to see how the lovely furniture is made, where you’ll also see some of the cool furniture heading out to customers soon.

We are looking forward to welcoming you all to a new showroom. Once we have our Restart grant we can complete the move to the new building, a bigger, better area with more of our wicked furniture to jump on. Our workshop will remain where it is now, at the old showroom, so you wouldn’t able to meet the team or see how we craft them, but, we are only down the road and are more than welcome to visit the workshop still.