Knowing how many you can seat around a table is quite handy.

Here is a bit of a guide to help you visualise how many people you will get around your table or what size table you require to seat the family.

You require a table of around 75cm in width to seat a chair on the ends.

Use the same guide for benches but in some cases you can seat even more with the increased seating areas.

  • 4ft (121cm) Seats 4
  • 5ft (152cm) Seats 6
  • 6ft (183cm) Seats 8
  • 7ft (213cm) Seats 8
  • 8ft (244cm) Seats 10
  • 9ft (274cm) Seats 10
  • 10ft (305cm) Seats 12
  • 11ft (335cm) Seats 12
  • 12ft (366cm) Seats 14